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Employer Brand Marketing at Semrush

Employer Brand Marketing at Semrush

Join us as we sit down with Yana Romanova, the head of employer brand at Semrush, as she shares her inspiring journey from traditional marketing to employer brand marketing. Discover how she crafted and nurtured the employer brand at Semrush, from developing the EVP to activating it and rallying the team behind it. Tune in for valuable insights and strategies! … Read More

ROI of Employer Branding and Talent marketing blog banner image

ROI of Employer Branding and talent marketing

Achieve a staggering 1003% return on investment, as employer branding and talent marketing redefines success through increased retentions, streamlined hiring, reduced costs, and heightened conversion rates. … Read More

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Free Tools For Talent Marketing in 2024

Embark on a talent acquisition journey like never before with our guide to leveraging free tools for talent marketing in 2024. Whether starting from scratch or navigating recruitment challenges, discover game-changing resources to attract top-tier talent without breaking the bank. Unleash their potential and propel your organization to new heights in the competitive talent landscape. … Read More

Generative AI Replacing Recruiters?

Is generative AI replacing talent marketers and recruiters?

There is a lot of discussion going around what will be the impact of generative AI on every function in the enterprise. This includes talent acquisition teams also. How far will generative AI go in taking over key functions of talent marketing and recruitment? What do the new (re-imagined) workflows look like? Hear from Vanessa Raath about how companies can adapt this disruptive technology … Read More

The only metrics you need for your talent marketing campaigns

Discover how you can calculate the ROI of your talent marketing efforts by tracking the key impact metrics such as number of job applicants and the campaign performance metrics such as views, engagement and subscriptions. … Read More

Top 3 questions you must answer to create a strong employer brand

In the fierce talent market, small and medium enterprises face off against industry giants. Without big brand perks, they need to rely on culture, impactful work, and growth opportunities to attract and retain top talent … Read More

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