Employer Brand Marketing Insights

Personalized employer brand marketing insights

Never miss a moment to connect with top talent using Krita’s AI employer brand marketing insights. Discover what candidates are seeking, stay informed about competitors, and spotlight what sets your company apart.

Employer brand marketing and Talent Marketing Platform to attract talent to companies

Go beyond daily discussions, hits and misses

Get real time insights from various information sources and talking points for your recruitment marketing campaigns

AI for Recruitment Marketing - Personalize Screen
AI for Recruitment Marketing - Insights Screen
AI for Recruitment Marketing - Talking Points Screen

You have got the talking points, now create campaigns

Customize the target persona for the talking points, research competitor positioning, identify the opportunity you can own and get campaign suggestions for you to engage top talent

AI for Recruitment Marketing - Set Target Persona
Talent Marketing Platform - Conduct Research
Talent Marketing Platform - Create Campaigns

Auto generate most optimal content for the campaigns

Generate on-brand content for the campaigns. Get real-time language assistance to verify your edits and content refinement to eliminate bias. Check for  compliances and mandatory disclaimers prior to publishing.

Auto generate content for your talent marketing campaigns and verify to eliminate implicit bias

Attention employer branding & talent marketing teams

Krita’s AI for recruitment marketing helps companies scale their talent marketing campaigns by 100x at 20% of the cost you incur in manual processes.

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