Recruitment Marketing ROI Calculators

Recruitment Marketing ROI, Talent Marketing ROI and Employer Branding ROI calculators

Business case for investing in employer brand and talent marketing

Investing in employer branding, talent marketing and talent engagement? Use one of these recruitment marketing ROI calculators to build a business case to support your plans. 

Use this recruitment cost savings calculator to provide an estimate of potential cost reductions achievable through the automation of the recruitment process using AI copilot. The calculator can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Calculate the ROI of every dollar invested in talent marketing and employer branding efforts. On an average companies can derive a ROI of 1003% on their investments. Find out the ROI for your company using this employer branding and talent marketing ROI calculator.

Curious about the time and cost savings in for your talent marketing efforts? Discover the answers with our Talent Marketing Cost Savings Calculator. This calculator can be tailored for your busines needs and you  can download a pdf report.

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