Create Employer Brand Videos

Create employer brand videos with AI

Create stunning employer brand videos from text input. Transform static documents into captivating videos, or repurpose long-form videos into engaging short format clips for targeted campaigns.

You are the director and AI is your video producer

Ditch the agency fees and long editing times. Empower yourself to create stunning employer branding videos with the magic of Krita AI.

Create employer brand videos from text using AI

Text to Videos

Create employer brand video from text input
Create short form employer brand videos from long form videos

Long-form videos to short clips

Create employer brand video clips from long form videos
Repurpose documents to employer branding videos

Static docs to stunning videos

Create employer brand videos from documents or blogs

How it works

Employer brand marketing videos tailored for your company and delivered at scale, 10x faster and 70% cheaper

Create Employer Brand Video Step 1 - Enter document, text or source video

Provide context for the video campaign

Provide text input for the video you would like to create, or upload a document, blog or a long-form video you would like to use for creating stunning employer brand video clips.

Preview AI generated clips and select

Take a look at the clips generated by AI. Choose the clips, AI avatar and presentation format for your employer brand videos.

Create Employer Brand Video Step 2 - Get AI generated clips. Select what you like.
Create Employer Brand Video Step 3 - Add selected clips to a campaign timelines

Add the video clips to campaign timeline

Select the video clips you like, choose the channels where you want to distribute the clips and add them to a campaign sequence for auto publishing.

Personalize the videos and the copy

Add your brand style guide, target audience preferences, brand voice to the video and copy. You can also add a title slide, end slide and company logo as a watermark to the video clips for further customization.

Create Employer Brand Video Step 4 - Tailor the videos to your brand and generate a copy
Create Employer Brand Video Step 5 - Publish the video to social media, career sites, news letters etc

Publish the video to various channels

Preview how the video and copy looks like and publish the videos to various distribution channels you selected as part of your campaign.

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