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Learn how Semrush created an aspirational and inspirational employer brand from Yana Romanova – Head of Employer Brand. In this podcast we uncover topics such as creation of EVP, candidate journey maps, activating, rallying employees and measuring success.

🚀 Embark on a transformative journey at the intersection of HR and generative AI with our latest podcast episode! Anna unravels the secrets behind building human-centric Gen AI product; from defining responsible AI to navigating compliance landscape for HR software.

In this recruitment marketing podcast, we talk to Vanessa Raath about how generative AI is transforming the world of talent marketing and recruitment. We will discuss how companies are managing the change to adapt this disruptive technology.

How can you trust an AI to assist you with inclusive  content? Can you trust an AI to be unbiased? How is privacy handled? Learn more in this recruitment marketing podcast from Ms. Anjana Susarla – renowned professor of responsible AI at Michigan State University.

Diversity & Inclusion Series

This recruitment marketing podcast is with Ms. Anima Nair, a Neurodiversity consultant, columnist, speaker and executive council member of the Association for NeuroDiversity (AND).  We explore unconscious bias that adversely impacts neuro inclusion at workplaces.

Using pronouns correctly is a way to show respect and create an inclusive culture. However, there are many challenges people face while using pronouns at work. We will be discussing these challenges with Yetta Toliver – Global Head of DEIB at Xerox Corporation.

Lenora and Kesavan will address workplace microaggressions against black women, covering issues like nudged to communicate inauthentically, correcting assumptions about personal lives, facing derogatory comments, and appearance-related remarks.

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Gender Micro-aggressions at workplace

Despite research challenging stereotypes about older workers, 64% still experience age discrimination. Ashton Applewhite – Author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism & Co-Founder of Old School Anti-Ageism Clearinghouse, uncovers Ageism at workplace

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