Create inclusive job posts in Lever

Lever and krita.ai integration leads to attracting diverse talent

Inclusive language guide in action

Bias detection in job descriptions


How to get started?

  • Register on Lever integration

  • Install chrome extension

  • Start creating inclusive JD's

Integration Highlights

krita.ai integration empowers your team to create inclusive job postings. Using our chrome extension, we surface learning moments for the recruiter and talent sourcing teams to create job posts free of gender bias, ageism, race bias and ableist language right in your Lever platform.

Detect unconscious bias
Bias against gender, age, race and ableism.
Explain the issue
Highlight the phrase that is not inclusive, explain the nature of the issue
Provide recommendations
Provide inclusive text to replace the bias text
Collect user feedback
Collect user feedback on the accuracy of detection, quality of recommendations. Users can also report issues that we did not detect.
Track inclusion metrics
Track analysis and data trends over time

Send us an email at info@krita.ai to learn more.

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