Technology to accelerate inclusive representation in enterprise content

AI for inclusive representation in content

Research after research has now established why inclusive representation in content matters, whether it is customer-facing content (ads, marketing, product, customer service etc) , talent-facing content (jobs, training, on-boarding etc) or content within workplaces (communication, collaboration and messaging). If you are interested in the research, please read our top 10 research recommendations on this subject here.

Many companies like PwC, IBM, and McKinsey, have provided powerful frameworks for inclusive representation. Facebook has recently come out with a framework to accelerate inclusive representation in marketing and online advertising.

We like this framework because:

  1. It is simple to adapt: It has three stages: Audit, Build and Check.

  2. Technology can power the entire framework.

  3. The framework works equally well across the entire enterprise- marketing to advertising, jobs to talent management and employee experiences.

Framework for inclusive representation in content

Over the past 9 months, we, at, have been building  AI technologies that power each stage of this framework. In the past quarter alone, we have facilitated  10+ Fortune 100 clients in accelerating inclusive content representation. Our solutions include: 

  1. Audit | with Automated audit to determine inclusive representation in text and image content across the enterprise. With such audits, organizations can:
    1. Flag unconscious bias: Explainable AI  highlights the unconscious biases, stereotypes, culture blunders in content.
    2. Get unbiased recommendations: Replace biased text with unbiased and paraphrased, that maintains context. 
    3. Do a comparative analysis: Get a sense of how your organization compares to other companies in your industry.
    4. Get a representation metric: Understand “who” is represented across your images and how representative they are of your customers, talent and employees.
  2. Build | with content screener: Our content screener helps companies create more inclusive content and helps check and eliminate biases at every step of the content creation and publishing process. The content screener comes as a web utility, chrome extension and API that can easily integrate with any enterprise software. Check out our screener here (
  3. Check | with Dost: Dost for Slack and MS teams enables people to form connections, through inclusive and authentic communication. Dost also provides actionable insights to the organization in fine tuning their training, policies and communication guidelines. You can check out Dost here (

We are extending our free beta till the end of 2021 for a select few customers. If you are interested in finding out how your organization can get started with inclusive content, please reach out to us at .

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