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These 3 recruiting cold email examples are so good, you will want them now!

At, we analysed 1000s of cold emails and graded them based on performance, readability, authenticity and consistency to the brand. Based on these learnings, we have put together a list of highly persuasive, guaranteed to get response emails that have helped sources engage with the best available candidates faster. These cold emails are so good, you will want to steal them. … Read More

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Krita Recruitment Automation Platform for our own kiring

Eating your own dog food: from role open to hire in 5 days!

From requisition approved to hire in 5 days, we demonstrated the power of generative AI platform by automating the entire talent acquisition process, ultimately securing a talented software development engineer for our team. … Read More

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Skills, not stereotypes, for equitable hiring outcomes

How Skill-Based Hiring Creates More Equitable Hiring Outcomes. How evolution of generative AI is accelerating the move towards more skill based hiring across enterprises. … Read More

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Apprehensions of HR leaders in enterprise wide deployment of generative AI

Generative AI solutions, such as chatGPT, were a hot topic at recent HR Tech conferences, but enterprise-level adoption is limited by concerns about brand alignment, personalization, bias, and multimedia content. … Read More

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