Generative AI

Recruitment Cost Savings Calculator

Recruitment cost savings with genAI Copilot

Discover the tangible cost savings potential through the automation of your recruitment process with a generative AI copilot. Optimize content creation, personalized communications, collaboration, and campaigns while significantly reducing operational expenses. … Read More

Krita Recruitment Automation Platform for our own kiring

Eating your own dog food: from role open to hire in 5 days!

From requisition approved to hire in 5 days, we demonstrated the power of generative AI platform by automating the entire talent acquisition process, ultimately securing a talented software development engineer for our team. … Read More

Skill based hiring for equitable hiring outcomes

Skills, not stereotypes, for equitable hiring outcomes

How Skill-Based Hiring Creates More Equitable Hiring Outcomes. How evolution of generative AI is accelerating the move towards more skill based hiring across enterprises. … Read More

Apprehensions of HR leaders in enterprise wide deployment of generative AI

Generative AI solutions, such as chatGPT, were a hot topic at recent HR Tech conferences, but enterprise-level adoption is limited by concerns about brand alignment, personalization, bias, and multimedia content. … Read More

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