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Tired of boring PDFs? Employees demanded engaging videos. Here's how we helped a company create short videos from documents.

Imagine this: your employees crave engaging content, but traditional PDFs and PPTs just don’t cut it anymore. That’s what a large instant coffee company faced. Their workforce demanded SOPs and leadership updates in a more digestible format: short videos.

The Challenge

Agencies were expensive and time-consuming. They needed a solution that:

  • Preserved data privacy of their internal documents.
  • Maintained brand consistency with templates and tone.
  • Created videos quickly and affordably.

The Solution

Krita! We helped them transform documents into engaging, bite-sized videos at 70% less the cost and 10x faster than agencies. The results? A massive 8x increase in engagement compared to PDFs!

This win-win story started as a proof-of-concept and is now available to everyone! Let me know if you’d like to ditch the dull docs and create videos your employees will love.

What started as a POC for this company is now a full fledged commercial offering. I am thrilled to bring short video creation feature to general availability.

How Krita helps you create short videos from documents?

Creating videos from documents using Krita is simple

  1. Upload your document
  2. Get a draft video ready
  3. If required, customize overlay text, audio script and graphics
  4. Choose voice for the audio that you like
  5. Your video is ready.

Enterprise ready features

Key features of the Krita video creation feature are:

  1. Data Privacy: Your documents remain private. They are not leaked to LLMs.
  2. On Brand: Your brand tone, style guide, and graphics are retained. This means, you need not worry about reviewing it for consistency.
  3. Bias-free: Krita AI automatically reviews all the content for removing unconscious bias, hallucinations and relevance. This perfectly aligns with your DEI policies and brand guidelines.
  4. One click conversions: in a click, you can create multiple versions of the videos for various internal and external channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, Teams, Emails, Wiki, YouTube etc). You need not worry about manually formatting the videos for various platforms.
  5. Supports multiple languages: You can now translate the videos into multiple languages, perfectly suited for global organizations.
  6. Create copy: You can also create the perfect copy that goes with the video to publish and promote the video on various channels.

Further reading

Reach out to us if you would like to create engaging short videos from your company documents to engage talent and employees. 

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