Eating your own dog food: from role open to hire in 5 days!

Krita Recruitment Automation Platform for our own kiring


At, we were lagging behind on our product roadmap and ran the risk of missing on our commitments to customers. We wanted to quickly hire a full stack Software Development Engineer (SDE) with 2-3 years of experience and put our roadmap back on track. We quickly got the budget sorted, the role approved and went to work on recruiting for this role. We had to use the best in breed Recruitment Marketing Platform as we set ourselves an audacious target of rolling out the offer and onboarding the candidate in under 10 days.

At, we help companies hire talent 10X faster, by automating the entire recruitment process using generative AI. We decided to eat our own dog food and use the platform for hiring at Krita.

Why Recruitment Marketing Platform?

We had to optimize for the speed of hiring and for the quality of candidates. We first got the team of Hiring manager, recruiter and interviewer together and aligned on the process we will follow and how we will use the platform to automate wherever we can.


We decided that recruitment marketing platform will be used as a co-pilot for the recruitment team and created a very simple decision making matrix below:

Shows the process of recruitment and how krita automated the process

Once the team was aligned, we started the clock. 

Job Assets Creation – 10 Minutes, Day 1

We used the recruitment marketing platform to generate the following assets. 

  1. Job description for the role.
  2. Social media posts that accompany the job posting on LinkedIN.
  3. Emails to be sent to 1200 people who applied to Krita before.

We just had to provide the most critical information about the role and at a click of a button all these assets were ready. These assets were free of unconscious bias and were 95% high fidelity first draft. 

The best part: The first draft was on-brand. Krita got the tone, brand guidelines and compliance part correct. Our recruitment team did a quick review of the assets and they were good to be published.

Resume filtering, matching and ranking – 60 Minutes, Day 2.

We received 700 job applications for the role in 24 hours and we chose to stop taking new applications for the role. We then used the to review the resumes based on the following:

  1. Closest match to the job description posted based on the most relevant skills and experience.
  2. Optional: How soon can the candidate join (enrich the profile and find out if someone explicitly stated they were “open to work” or “can join immediately”.
  3. Optional: Match criteria set by the company for the job.
  4. Optional: a sample profile of a successful applicant.

In addition to the match criteria, we also paid particular attention to the following:

  1. Mask any personal information (names etc).
  2. Mask university names

The best part: Krita gave us a shortlist of 15 applicants and a detailed explanation of why each of the profiles were selected. We also could also see the explanation of why many profiles were grouped as not suitable for the role. The recruitment team reviewed the top 15 applicants and selected 12 profiles for further processing. 

Candidate communications – 30 minutes , Day 2 & 3.

For each shortlisted applicant, we used the Krita platform to generate personalized content for email and linkedIN messaging. The objective of this email was to engage the candidate and coordinate calendars for the screening and interview process.

Krita platform took the resume of the candidate, the matching explanation of why a candidate was shortlisted and generated personalized email for each candidate based on the information provided in their resume. 

In addition, each message was on-brand, free of biases and personalized for each candidate.

The best part: Krita automatically reached out to 12 people and got 6 interviews scheduled for the very next day.

Interview and hire – 6 hours , Day 4.

This process was completely manual. We had the interview panel ready, interview slots were allocated to the candidates and we did 3 rounds of interviews for each applicant.

By the end of the interview process, we had a hire. 

Offer rollout – 2 hours , Day 4.

This was also a manual process and it took us 2 hours to work out the best offer for the person and the candidate accepted the offer immediately. 

Icing on the cake, the recruit joined the company 2 days later and we started building stuff together.

Conclusion: From open to Hire under 5 days

Krita recruitment marketing platform is made for enterprises to help them hire talent faster. Particular attention has been paid to making the platform enterprise ready by solving for data privacy, on brand personalization, relevance of content recommendations and eliminating unconscious bias. 

We could hire a SDE in 5 days by automating the entire recruitment process. Now, you can do that too.

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