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Remote working teams collaboration V2

Technology to foster inclusive messages between remote working teams​

We explore the growing problem of incivility in workplace communications, the barriers it can create in inclusion and technologies to tackle these issues. … Read More

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Unlearning series | For inclusive representation in content

Inclusive representation in customer care messaging

Using a real example of unconscious bias and microaggressions in customer support messages we provide solutions for inclusive representation. … Read More

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AI for inclusive representation in content

Technology to accelerate inclusive representation in enterprise content

AI technologies for Audit, Build and Check to accelerate inclusive representation in enterprise content … Read More

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I Am Not Biased. Or Am I?

It wasn’t until I had started working with that I began to realise how wrong I have been all along. It turned out that I unknowingly had a preference for the younger generation as compared to the older generation. … Read More

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Unconscious Bias In Enterprise Communication. Does It Really Matter?

Communication forms a key part of every business enterprise. Not surprisingly, the absence of effective communication is bound to translate to unfavorable consequences. This is where the conversation surrounding bias becomes all the more important The beliefs we hold about … Read More

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Bias. What is That?

Bias refers to certain preferences or prejudices we might hold in favour or against a person or a group. Our biases can be either explicit or, in most cases, implicit. When it comes to enterprise content, implicit biases are the … Read More

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