Can AI Be Your New Talent Brand Video Creator? Separating Hype from Reality

Employer Brand Video Creation using AI

According to LinkedIn future of recruiting 2024 report – For the second year in a row, employer branding is the recruitment function that’s expected to receive the greatest increase in spend, with 57% of recruiting pros predicting their investment in employer branding will increase in the coming year.

With video dominating online consumption (65% of traffic) and boosting message recall (95% vs. 10% for text), employer branding videos can reach a massive audience, build trust with authentic employee testimonials (trusted 3x more), and attract even passive candidates (up to 70%) by showcasing your company culture and opportunities.

Given the compelling case for using videos in employer branding, there are hurdles to overcome. First, employer branding teams may lack the specialized skills to create videos. Second, internal marketing teams often juggle multiple projects, making it difficult to devote enough resources to employer branding content. Finally, outsourcing to agencies can be expensive and time-consuming, hindering scalability.


Under these circumstances, can AI emerge as a potential solution. Could AI become the next director and producer of your talent brand videos? Let’s explore how far AI can go in crafting authentic employer branding videos and where human expertise remains essential.

Can AI become the creator of your talent brand videos?

By showcasing employee testimonials, company culture, awards, impactful projects, and the positive impact on the world, videos can powerfully promote an employer brand. However, to build a trusted employer brand, authenticity matters as described in this blog.

Employer Brand Video Creation Authenticity Matters

Authenticity matters & acts as a natural guardrail for AI

The purpose of your talent brand video is to showcase your company as a desirable employer. Authenticity is the key ingredient for a powerful employer brand story. It helps potential candidates connect with your company culture, values, and employee experiences on a deeper level. This authenticity also acts as a natural guardrail for how far AI can take you in video creation, because potential hires crave a genuine connection. They want to see and hear from real employees, their actual voices and experiences in real company settings.  AI-generated characters or scripted scenarios can feel forced, and viewers can pick up on that. This disconnect breaks the trust you’re trying to build with your employer branding video.

Where AI Shines in Producing Talent Brand Videos

AI can be a valuable tool in your employer branding video arsenal, but it excels at specific tasks, all while retaining the most important ingredient – Authenticity:

  • Research & Topic Recommendation: Analyze vast amounts of data such as talent trends, google trends, keyword analysis, SEO, competitor updates, social media discussions, your company updates, industry updates and global events to identify topics relevant to your marketing objectives and the target audience. This can be particularly helpful considering a recent study found that 72% of job seekers want to see employer branding content that showcases company culture and values. By leveraging AI’s ability to process vast amounts of information, you can ensure your employer branding videos target the right audience with the most relevant topics.
  • Campaign Sequences: AI can study the best practices and past performance of campaigns to suggest a sequence of outreach campaigns segregated by content type, topic, channels, and date to realize maximum impact.
  • Video Optimization: AI can analyze video trends and audience preferences to suggest optimal video length, titles, descriptions, keywords, and music selection for various distribution channels. This data-driven approach can significantly improve the reach and engagement of your employer branding videos.
  • Content Repurposing: AI can scour your existing company content (webinars, images, documents) to find valuable material that aligns with the recommended topics. It can then suggest ways to repurpose this content into engaging video segments. Since you are repurposing your existing content, authenticity is intact. This not only preserves authenticity but also saves valuable time and resources compared to creating entirely new video content from scratch.
  • Short & Focused Edits: Automatically clip lengthy webinars into bite-sized videos focused on specific topics. This allows you to create multiple engaging videos from a single source material, maximizing content output.
  • Slide Shows & Animation: Utilize your image library to create dynamic slideshows and video clips. AI can assist in generating different animation styles and transitions, adding a professional touch to your videos.
  • Multi-Format Versions: Create different video versions like talk-throughs, FAQs, guides, or tutorials to cater to different learning styles. This approach ensures your employer branding message resonates with a wider audience.
  • Accessibility Enhancements: AI can assist in adding language translations, subtitles, and closed captions to your videos, making them more accessible to a wider audience. This inclusivity not only reflects positively on your employer brand but also expands your potential talent pool.

Where AI Needs Human Support: The Authenticity Catalyst

While AI excels at tasks like research and content repurposing, it struggles with the nuance of crafting truly authentic narratives on its own. Here’s where human expertise comes in, acting as the essential catalyst for authenticity:

  • Refining the Script and Brand Storytelling: Skilled writers can capture your company’s unique voice and stories in compelling scripts, ensuring brand alignment through approval workflows.
  • Employee Testimonials – The Heart of Authenticity: Real employees sharing their experiences are irreplaceable. While AI may not scale this aspect, it can assist in content discovery and scheduling interviews.
  • Company-Specific Initiatives: Highlighting unique initiatives like “50-50 by 2050” requires human understanding to ensure accurate representation and brand messaging.
  • Unconscious Bias Detection and Fact-Checking: Human expertise is crucial to identify and remove potential unconscious bias or misrepresentation in the video content.

The Future is AI assisted talent brand videos

Employer Brand Video Creation is going to be AI Assisted

The integration of AI in talent brand video creation is still evolving, but the potential for a powerful partnership is clear. As AI technology continues to develop, it won’t replace human storytellers – it will empower them.  Here’s how AI can shape the future of employer branding videos:

  • Humans Remain Storytellers-in-Chief: Brand awareness, company culture, and employee experiences are all nuanced and require human expertise to translate into compelling narratives. AI can’t replicate the human touch needed to craft authentic stories that connect with potential candidates.
  • AI Takes the Wheel for Repetitive Tasks: Imagine a future where AI handles the grunt work of video creation, freeing up human talent to focus on the high-value aspects of video creation. This leads to:
    • Reduced Production Costs:  By automating repetitive tasks and optimizing video content, AI can significantly reduce production costs. This translates to a greater return on investment for your employer branding efforts.
    • Seamless Scalability: AI’s ability to handle repetitive tasks and personalize content empowers seamless scalability. You can create more employer branding content, reaching a wider audience without a significant increase in resources.
  • AI-Powered Personalization:  Imagine creating personalized video experiences for different audiences. AI can analyze viewer data to dynamically generate multiple video versions tailored to specific demographics or job roles. This level of personalization can significantly increase engagement and impact.
  • AI for Versioning and Repurposing:  AI can automatically create different video formats (e.g., short snippets, FAQs) from existing content, maximizing its reach and repurposing it for various platforms. This allows you to create a diverse video library without starting from scratch each time.


In conclusion, AI is not here to replace human storytellers in talent brand video creation. Instead, it’s a powerful tool to empower them. By combining AI’s efficiency with human creativity and strategic thinking, you can unlock the full potential of employer branding videos, ensuring they are both compelling, authentic, and reach the right talent pool.

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