Top 12 NLP for Good Startups 2022

NLP for good named amongst top 12 NLP for good startups in 2022

We at are super excited to be named amongst the top 12 NLP for good startups in 2022. Read more about the companies in the list here:

At, we are creating AI assistant for inclusive brand communications. We use our our advanced NLP models and integrated with platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams to enable organizations create content and conversations that represent their diverse audiences.

Our Slack app Dost uses the power of our NLP models to create messages, with real-time feedback and guidance to  eliminate unconscious bias, microaggressions, incivility and toxicity. In addition, people also get recommendations on usage of inclusive language.

We use the power of AI to help people with the following on their Slack and MS Teams messaging:

1. Educate: Detect unconscious bias in content, flag that to the user, educate the user about the issue and its impact and nudge them to take corrective action.

2. Suggest: Recommend alternatives and inclusive phrases users can use in place of non inclusive phrases.

3. Celebrate: Detect when people consciously use inclusive language as per brand guidelines, and applaud their conscious effort.

4. Learn: Users can train and fine tune our AI models with feedback and recommendations.

5. Inform: Provide data and metrics to users, so they know how they are doing in their degree of inclusion (on a weekly / monthly basis ) in using inclusive language.

6. Customize; Fine tune the AI models as per company / brand values and guidelines.

Reach out to us at to know more about our products and services.

Thank you Omdena for including in your list.

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