How to Make Videos on a Budget to Elevate Your Employer Brand

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How to Make Videos on a Budget to Elevate Your Employer Brand


Struggling to attract top talent in today’s competitive job market? You know the power of a strong employer brand, but creating engaging content can feel overwhelming, especially on a limited budget.

What if you could tell your company’s story through captivating videos, without breaking the bank? What if you could showcase your unique culture and attract talent who resonate with your values?

The good news is, you can! This blog post will show you how to leverage the power of AI to create impactful employer branding videos on a budget. We’ll explore the key ingredients for a strong employer brand, the benefits of using video, and how AI can help you overcome common challenges like cost, time constraints, and lack of expertise.

Ready to unlock the potential of AI for your employer branding strategy? Let’s dive in!

Key ingredients of good employer brand content

Building a strong employer brand hinges on creating genuine content that reflects who you are and what you aspire to be as a company. Here are the essential ingredients that make up impactful employer branding content:

  • Authenticity: Showcase your real company culture and let employees’ personalities shine through, fostering trust and connection.
  • Transparency: Build credibility through stories that show how people think, feel and do in your company. Discuss challenges you face and how you address them (example: how you supported your employees through the pandemic). 
  • Value Proposition: Highlight what makes your company special and why people choose to join and stay.
  • Employee Focus: The heart of your brand, Their experiences humanize your brand and showcase the diverse talent you possess.
  • Storytelling Power: Craft compelling narratives that connect with people emotionally. Videos excel at this, allowing you to communicate complex topics in a short, engaging format

These elements form the foundation of impactful employer branding content. In the next section, we’ll delve into how video specifically can elevate your employer brand.

Elevating Your Employer Brand: Authenticity in Action

Building a strong employer brand is a crucial first step, but true elevation comes from living your company’s values and brand promise every day. This authenticity resonates with potential hires and sets the stage for effective elevation strategies. There are three key ingredients to elevate your brand:

  1. Consistency: Speak with one voice across all platforms – your employer brand is a unified message.
  2. Constant Engagement: Share your stories and views consistently – foster a two-way conversation with potential hires.
  3. Care to be present at key moments: Show up at various events, share what you feel, think and do during key global events that impact people.

Videos: The Storytelling Powerhouse for Employer Branding

As discussed earlier, building a strong employer brand relies on authenticity and compelling storytelling (Section 1). This is where videos excel. They allow you to showcase the real people behind your brand – think employee testimonials! – breathe life into your company culture, and share genuine stories that resonate with potential hires.

Remember the importance of consistent messaging across platforms (Section 2)? Videos excel at this too! A well-crafted video style can be seamlessly replicated across social media platforms and your career page, creating a unified and impactful brand image.

And let’s not forget efficiency! Studies show videos are 8x more effective than text at capturing attention (bonus point: short attention spans!).

By leveraging video, you can combine the power of storytelling, authenticity, and consistency – all key ingredients for a successful employer brand strategy.  

However, there are a few barriers to creating a consistent stream of video content that AI helps you overcome. Let’s see how AI tackles these challenges:

Challenges in Creating a Consistent Stream of Videos

While videos are undeniably powerful for employer branding, creating a steady stream of high-quality content can present hurdles.

  • High Costs: Traditional video production can be expensive, often requiring outsourcing to agencies.
  • Time Constraints: Scriptwriting, filming, and editing can be a slow process, making it difficult to keep up with a consistent content flow.
  • Lack of expertise: Not all companies have resources to produce videos,  limiting their ability to consistently engage audiences with video content.
  • Idea Fatigue: Coming up with fresh and engaging video ideas on a regular basis can be challenging.

Conquering Challenges: How AI Powers Employer Branding Videos

While the benefits of video are clear, the challenges we discussed in Section 4 can be significant hurdles. Here’s where AI steps in, acting as your secret weapon for creating consistent, high-quality employer branding videos on a budget.

AI excels at automating tedious tasks within the video creation process, freeing up your employer branding team’s time and resources to focus on strategic elements. This includes:

  • Research and Scripting: AI can analyze data, track competition and generate content ideas and even draft script outlines.
  • Verification and Refinement: AI tools can help fact-check information, identify inconsistencies in your script, and ensure brand messaging remains consistent.
  • Your Ideas Mint: Struggling for fresh concepts? AI can analyze trends and audience data to suggest engaging video topics that resonate with talent.

AI’s capabilities go beyond streamlining the process. It can also be the driving force behind your video production. You can create a consistent stream of videos on budget by:

  • Repurposing Existing Content: Give new life to old content! AI can transform existing videos, interviews, or presentations into fresh, engaging short video pieces.
  • Text-to-Video Magic: Have a compelling employer branding message? AI tools can convert text into captivating videos with visuals, transitions, and even voice-overs.
  • Document Metamorphosis: Breathe life into static documents! AI can convert blog posts, presentations, or company reports into dynamic and informative video content.
  • Screen Recording Made Easy: Capture on-screen demonstrations or explainer videos with ease using AI-powered tools.


By leveraging AI, you can  significantly reduce costs, streamline production time, and overcome the need for extensive video editing expertise.  This allows you to  consistently create a stream of high-quality employer branding videos  without putting a strain on your resources.

Furthermore, AI  helps maintain  consistent brand tone and visual elements  across all your videos. This ensures a  unified and  authentic  employer brand image that resonates with potential hires.

You can utilize the most optimal AI-powered templates to organize, personalize, and tailor your videos for maximum impact.  You can learn from audience feedback and become better everytime you publish a new video.

You can learn more about how AI can help you create employer brand videos in this blog. 

In short, AI empowers you to create impactful employer branding videos on a budget, elevating your brand and attracting top talent. Ready to unlock the power of AI for your employer branding strategy? Write to us at

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