Bias. What is That?

Bias refers to certain preferences or prejudices we might hold in favour or against a person or a group. Our biases can be either explicit or, in most cases, implicit.

When it comes to enterprise content, implicit biases are the ones to be closely checked for, for something that seems harmless to one person may cause a lot of duress for many others.

It may seem far-fetched, but once we begin to examine our content, the fact that unconscious bias is all over today's enterprise communication becomes evident.

A simple piece of text or an even image can contain a multitude of deeper meanings that have the potential to negatively target a person or a group.

Here is an example from a real job description - Incumbents learn to perform the more routine tasks necessary in assisting military veterans and/or their widows and dependents Here, the author’s implicit bias that military veterans are always of the masculine gender clearly comes through.

This goes to show how important it is for us to unlearn and reassess our beliefs, and simultaneously translate those results to our digital world. This is the first step towards making our digital world, especially enterprise content more inclusive and this is the goal that we, at are aiming for.

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