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eliminate implicit-bias improve readability increase relevance keep on-brand stay compliant

Auto generate content for your talent marketing employer branding campaigns and verify to eliminate implicit bias

Available wherever you work

We have integrated Krita verification engine with the best of the breed HR Tech platforms that you use today, so you don’t need to leave your application. 

Web form

Upload / copy paste your content into a text box, analyze for implicit biases, get recommendations to eliminate implicit bias, edit the content and publish.

Chrome extension

Configure chrome extension with any web based enterprise application. Click the extension to analyze the content and get recommendations


Integrate our screener API to analyze text and images for inclusion. Use this in any CMS, CWS, CRM, ATS, Marketing automation platforms

How to get started?

Just a simple three step process to get started with the most powerful verification tool for all your AI generated content.
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    Done ! You can now start verifying your content to remove implicit bias.

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