Elevate your employer brand & attract top talent

Build, activate and promote your dream employer brand and attract top talent. Manage your entire employer brand marketing process from company research to content creation in-house. 

AI Content Creation for Employer Branding and Talent marketing

Personalized employer brand marketing platform

Using Krita AI platform, you can become 10x more efficient by creating personalized campaigns and content for every step of the candidate lifecycle.

Company Research

Uncover talent insights to elevate your employer brand. Research internal (ATS, CRM, career site etc.) & external data (website, social media, press etc.).

Competitor Study

Gain a competitive edge by analyzing your rivals' content themes, campaigns, and marketing strategies and identify differentiation opportunities.

EVP Audit

Gain real-time insights into your EVP with a comprehensive audit. Analyze content across all touchpoints - from internal and external channels - throughout the candidate journey.

Create Short Videos

Create engaging short-form video content to share authentic stories across internal and external channels, featuring employee testimonials, culture showcases, and leadership perspectives.

Amplify DEI Stories

Create stories that showcase your inclusive culture. Share DEI stories from your employees, highlighting your inclusive policies, processes, and culture that empower them to bring their authentic selves to work.

Recruitment Comms

Create Job descriptions and candidate comms that are tailored for each job type, candidate preferences and channel. Bring consistency, personalization and highlight your brand.

Social Insights

Be in the know of what your talent pool cares about across social media channels. Keep track of trends, events and topics relevant to your brand.

Campaign Insights

Uncover insights across your marketing channels. Tune into AI suggested marketing ideas to engage with top talent exactly at the moment that matters in their journey.

Candidates chat

Be available to help candidates with any questions about your company, culture, values, work or team via natural language chat plugged into your career sites

How it works

Talent marketing campaigns tailored for the brand and delivered at scale, 100X Faster.

Research your employee value proposition to elevate your employer brand

Bubble up your employee value proposition

Audit how your employer brand is represented across all your content, and refine the brand persona for future campaigns you seek to create.

Research your target audience and competitors

Research what your target audience and competitors care about. Identify how you can go with a differentiated messaging. 

Actively listen to identify any employer branding and talent marketing campaign opportunities
AI Suggested Employer Branding and Marketing Campaigns

Get AI suggested campaign ideas

Get notified when there is a “moment that matters” to engage your talent or employees. You can add these suggestions to your talent marketing plan and start creating personalized campaigns.

Choose the most optimal campaign strategy

For each of your target candidate pool, Krita has curated the best performing campaign templates and play-books that you can use. 

Optimzed templates for your employer branding and marketing campaigns
Auto generate content for your talent marketing employer branding campaigns and verify to eliminate implicit bias

Create on-brand content

Get real-time language assistance to verify your edits and content refinement to eliminate bias. Check for  compliances and mandatory disclaimers prior to publishing.

100+ companies brought employer brand marketing in-house

Personalized video campaigns for every candidate, delivered at scale. 

Benefits of Krita Employer Brand Marketing Platform​

Scale up and never miss the moment in engaging talent with on brand, verified and engaging campaigns

10X faster

Krita helps you scale up your talent marketing efforts. Create omni channel video campaigns and content in a click.

Audit Icon

Tailored for your brand

AI learns from your brand guidelines and preferences to create on-brand videos and personalized copy.

Screening AI generated content to remove implicit bias

Verified for compliance

Automatic review to eliminate unconscious bias and stay compliant with brand policy, DEI standards and industry standards.


Content creators get real-time assistance with 1:1 feedback and additional training material to optimize campaigns.

Across the talent lifecycle

Create videos for talent attraction, recruitment, on-boarding, employee engagement, collaboration and growth.

Available wherever you work

Plugged into the most popular ATS, Talent CRM, CMS, HRIS, and Collaboration software.

One shot learning

Stay Tuned

Krita brings you pragmatic content from top industry thought leaders in talent marketing and inspiring tech folks in generative AI that you can try straight away.
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